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Target Market:State & Local, Federal
Bid Type:Contract Histories
Posted:Mar 27, 2024

9 Opportunities Found  
1.  AV High Reliability RFQ
    Document Type Solicitation (Updated)
    Solicitation No. 36C77624Q0141
    Posted on Mar 27, 2024
    Due by Apr 01, 2024
2.  Print Shop Specialty Paper
    State Texas
    Agency State Government of Texas
    Posted on Mar 27, 2024
    Due by Apr 03, 2024
3.  Printing Of Bus Cards & Bus Shelter Ad Panels
    State New York
    Agency Westchester County
    Posted on Mar 27, 2024
    Due by Apr 03, 2024
4.  Print Stormwater Quality Promo Items
    State Oklahoma
    Agency City of Edmond
    Posted on Mar 27, 2024
    Due by Apr 01, 2024
5.  RFP# 1591 - Digital Printing & Photocopying Services
    State New Jersey
    Agency Montclair State University
    Posted on Mar 27, 2024
    Due by May 01, 2024
6.  Intent to Sole Source: Practising Law Institute
    State District of Columbia
    Document Type Sources Sought (Original)
    Solicitation No. SS-CFPB-24-069
    Posted on Mar 27, 2024
    Due by Apr 03, 2024
    State California
    Agency Los Angeles County
    Posted on Mar 27, 2024
    Due by Apr 15, 2024
8.  Technical Data Support Services Enterprise - TDSSe3
    State Georgia
    Set Aside Partial HUB-Zone
    Document Type Presolicitation (Updated)
    Solicitation No. FA8530-24-R-B001
    Posted on Mar 27, 2024
    Due by Mar 07, 2024
9.  Educational Print Resouces
    State Oklahoma
    Agency State Government of Oklahoma
    Posted on Mar 27, 2024
    Due by Mar 29, 2024

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